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Check-in Protocol

Check-ins are crucial to your success. Just like any healthy relationship, the one between Coach and Athlete requires communication, trust, and consistency. 
Here are a few guidelines that will make your weekly check-in process, smooth and efficient:
  • Timing: Your L8R Coach works hard to accommodate you and the other athletes he/she coaches. We kindly ask that you submit your completed form and corresponding progress pictures each week on time, on the appropriate day. By doing so, you are giving your coach the appropriate amount of time to assess your needs and make adjustments, if needed.
  • Responses: Each Check-in is on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, get them in early! If you miss your assigned day, you can still submit your info, but your coach may not be able to get to it that week.  If you need to change your check-in day or time please contact your coach for availabilities. 
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