In Celebration of the Thanksgiving Holiday There Will Be No Check-ins On Thursday or Friday

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Hi L8R Athlete! This is your check-in hub! 

Every week you'll come here to check in with your coach and update us with your amazing progress. We want to hear from you every week, no matter what. Good week, bad week, it doesn't matter. We're here to support you and help you excel to your own greatness.

Check-in Protocol

Check-ins are crucial to your success. Just like any healthy relationship, the one between Coach and Athlete requires communication, trust, and consistency. Here are a few guidelines that will make your weekly check-in process, smooth and efficient. 

 1. Please submit check-ins and upload pictures every week before 12pm MT on your assigned day.
 2. Please use lots of detail in your responses. The more you communicate the better we can serve you. 
 3. Ask lots of questions. This ensures that no assumptions are made and that you're able to master this lifestyle. (There are no dumb questions!)
  • Timing: Your L8R Coach works hard to accommodate you and the other athletes he/she coaches. We kindly ask that you submit your completed form and corresponding progress pictures each week on time, on the appropriate day. By doing so, you are giving your coach the appropriate amount of time to assess your needs. 
  • Responses: Each Check-in is on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, get them in early! If you happen to miss the deadline for the day, you can still submit your info, but your coach may not be able to get to it. In that case, you'll need to make sure you submit your check in the following week. This allows each coach to budget their time and efforts appropriately and not force them to work after hours. 
  • Days: If you need to change your check-in day or time please contact your coach for availabilities. 
  • Early Bird: It's completely ok to submit your Check-in forms one day prior to your assigned day to be sure they’re on time.


Please submit your form prior to 12pm MT
 Time Expired! You've missed the cutoff time for the day. If it is still your assigned day you may submit, but we may not get to it. If you're submitting a day early, that's ok too. If it is NOT your assigned check-in day, please wait until it is. 
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