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why this will be the last fitness program you ever need...
break through plateaus and reach your goals even if you're super busy
Jon & Melinda Andrus' Story
Melinda tried tons of programs before and had some success each time but there was no maintenance or lifestyle instruction so she always gained the weight back and more.

She was tired and had enough. When her husband John told her about L8R Lifestyle she was skeptical but reluctantly gave it a try to support her husband.

She decided if she was going to do, she might as well put 100% into the training routine and sticking to the meal plan. She was blown away at the changes.

Normally she would hit a plateau and quit but this time, her coach made some adjustments that helped Melinda push right through the plateau. She quickly found that she always felt full and was never hungry

John and Melinda's coach was always there giving 100% support to help them overcome any challenges. John works an odd schedule of 4 days of 15 hours per day and 4 days off, including a lot of graveyard times making it difficult to workout or stick to a meal plan.

But their coach didn't let him give up and guided John on how to exercise and follow the meal plan despite his busy schedule. While there were some weeks that John wasn't 100%, he was still able to reach his goals. They're now happier, healthier, and stronger then they've ever been. 

break through to the next level, even for experienced gym goers
Jake & Heather Larsen's Story
Heather had tried nearly everything out there and never got the results she wanted. She was frustrated with all the different schemes, the restriction, and the lack of progress.

In just 2 months Heather made more progress than she had in years of other dieting attempts. She looks absolutely phenomenal and has inspired many others around her to make positive changes.

Heath continues to work with L8R and eats foods she loves, doesn't feel restricted, and truly lives the lifestyle!

Jake had been lifting for years, researching and experimenting. Jake thought he knew what there was to know about optimal muscle growth and fat loss.

In just 2 months Jake made tremendous progress and has gone on to grow in leaps and bounds and got into the best shape of his life. Jake continues to work towards new growth and new goals and we love him!

Emotional support and fun program, even if you're not a body builder
Gardner & Krista Crane's Story
They were't looking to compete in body building but had fitness goals they wanted to reach.

Gardner felt that since Jeff Later was a pro body builder that maybe he would feel stupid talking to him but quickly found that Jeff was down to earth and listened to what they wanted to accomplish.

They both were relieved to find that the workouts were not over the top and felt like the combination of exercises and meal plan actually made it fun and easy.

In working with many personal trainers in the past, Krista discovered she was getting results like she never could reach with those other trainers.

They felt like their coach Shana was the big difference to them achieving their goals from the amazing support she gave them, becoming real friends as she helped them navigate the emotional difficulties from their fitness transformation.

One of the best parts is their coach would update their meal plan and workouts weekly so they could continue to increase their results without getting stuck

not a cookie cutter program and even if you have some health issues
Dawn Dowdell's Story
She came into the program with many health issues. She had tried a lot of those cookie cutter programs you see online before that really limited her calories.

But this only prevented her from leaning out or gaining muscle leaving her stuck.

Her coach found out all about her and tailored a meal plan and exercise program that was exactly right for her.

Almost immediately she began seeing huge improvements in leaning out and gaining muscle and she could eat foods she enjoyed.

The support she received from her coach made her feel like one of the family.
no restrictive diets (Even Ice cream is allowed) because it's a lifestyle change
Janice Southern's Story
As a nurse, Janice has been interest in fitness and nutrition for many years. But as she worked with trainers over the years she struggled with the restrictive diets they always gave her, especially in social settings with friends or family.

She got to the point where she just gave up because it was too hard. When she saw her brother making huge improvements in his fitness she couldn't help but ask him what he was doing.

When she found out he was being coached by L8R Lifestyle she just had to give it a try.

She found her coach to be very motivating and the entire program experience motivated her to reach her goals.

But the best part for Janice was that her meal plan was easy to follow with foods she enjoyed, even including ice cream, which meant she'd be able to stick with this long term, truly making this a lifestyle.
The best investment in yourself, and even if you're afraid to fail
Javi Solis' Story
For Javi, when his friend told him, "this program will help you get your championship" he was hooked.

You see he got to the point where he was just tired of the way he felt and how he looked. So, he didn't just try it, he went all in.

Within just his first 8 weeks he feels the best he ever has and attributes that success to, not only his hard work, but a huge part has been the coaching.

He recognized that we all have insecurities that develop over time that prevent us from reaching our potential.

But his coach was instrumental in helping him develop the confidence he needed to succeed, calling this the best investment he's ever made for himself!

He said it best, "we all have dreams, our dreams have wings, so let 'em fly!"
For Javi, that's exactly what he did through our coaching.
from having 3 kids to losing 76 lbs and becoming a body building competitor
(and she didn't think she could do it!)
Kiley Fisher's Story
Kiley came into the program looking to lose a few pounds after having a baby. With 3 kids she didn't feel she would be able to accomplish very much with her fitness.

Her coach made all the difference for her in giving her the confidence to go for more.

She was surprised when her coach recommended she do a contest prep. "No way, not me, I have 3 kids, I can't do that" Kiley responded, but with the support and encouragement from her coach she gave it a try.

As she moved forward following her coaches instructions the best she could, she not only lost the few pounds she originally wanted, but she went on to lose 76 pounds and is on her way to compete in her first body building show.

She said it best, "my body right now, I feel like, is my gold medal."

Confidence, energy, and happiness are now her best friends.
how our coaching works to get you...
the results you want

First, we'll have an online meeting

where we'll go over your:

  • Body Type
  • Current Fitness Level
  • Health and Injury Concerns
  • Food Preferences And Allergies
  • Fitness Goals
  • Every Detail Is Covered 

second, we'll create your custom program

Which Includes:

Your Nutrition & Custom Meal Plan

  • You will know what foods to buy, when to eat them, how much of them you should be eating, and how to time their intake optimally.
  • ​You'll learn how to eat the foods you love and still stay on track.
  • ​Expert supplement guidance.

Your Custom Workout Plan

  • You will have detailed instructions for your weight training and cardio plans.
  • ​How many reps, how many sets, what tempo to follow, how long you should rest.
  • ​You'll know exactly what to do and when you should be doing it!

third, Weekly accountability & Assessment

With our world class coaches, including:

  • Weekly check in to update us on your progress and ask any questions we didn't answer during the week.
  • ​Based on your feedback and progress we will make changes to your plan to keep you on track.
  • ​You will have exclusive access to us via email and text.
  • ​And be part of our private Facebook Group.
who this is not for
You're looking to lose a bunch of weight really fast...

You're looking for a quick fix...

You don't stick with the things you start...

You don't want to communicate...
Fit Lifestyle coaching criteria
you're a great fit if...
  • You're looking for a permanent solution to your fitness
  • You want to learn how to make fitness your lifestyle
  • You're willing to make you a priority and invest in yourself
  • You don't quit
  • ​You're dedicated to finally changing how you look and feel
  • Or if you're already pretty fit and are wanting to hit that next level
  • You want to look fit, feel amazing, and be happier then you've ever been 
here's what to do next
1. Submit your application

2. Schedule your consultation call

3. We'll then build your custom plan and you'll be on your way

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