The ULTIMATE Fast Track To Long-Lasting RESULTS!
Leave it to us...we'll design an all-inclusive plan specifically for YOU.
With the right plan in hand and a team behind you to coach and support you,
you can finally find the solution you've been looking for and reach your goal!
Leave it to us...we'll design an all-inclusive plan specifically for YOU.
With the right plan in hand and a team behind you to coach and support you,
you can finally find the solution you've been looking for and reach your goal!
The Fit Lifestyle program provides the ultimate shortcut to achieving your fitness & nutrition goals. 

Customization is key in determining the right approach for YOU. This program provides personalized
nutrition and fitness coaching to guide you to completion of your goals. 

This program has been used by thousands, including NFL players, Division 1 athletes, Olympians, IFBB pros, fitness models, CEOs, and celebrities.
Where To Begin...
You're motivated to get the body you've always wanted, you just don't know where to start.

There is so much information available to you at the click of a mouse, more than ever! 

You see before and after photos and wonder why you can't have those same results.

What are they doing that you're not? Which diet is right you? Do I cut out carbs? Do I cut out fats? What do I do with protein? 

What if I can't always go to a gym? Can I get results working out at home?

I'm sure at least a few of those hit home. A lot of women feel this way. 

The truth is, you're probably not too far off the mark.

Sometimes it's a matter of putting it all together and then being held accountable.

What works well for one may not work well for another.  We all respond a little differently. Joining forces with an experienced coach at L8R will help you identify what approach works best for YOU.
Results Speak Louder Than Words
Women from all walks of life, different body types, different goals...same level of success
*Results vary depending on starting point, goals, and effort.
What Members Have To Say
Here are just a few...
"Jeff and Jenny not only were amazing coaches, they were friends. I could count on them to offer a shoulder to cry on, a much needed hug or words of encouragement. They provided me with nutrition and exercise plans that helped me achieve the impossible. They not only helped me reach my more"
- Sara McBee, Herriman, UT
"Jeff & Jenny are not only the most amazing coaches ever, but amazing friends, with the biggest hearts. They have taken me above & beyond what I ever could have imagined with my body. They not only talk the talk, but walk the walk– so inspiring & motivating. They go above & beyond with their clients. I love them & you will too!"
- McKaylee Mathis, Draper, UT
"As we have taken on our journey with Jeff and Jen they have been nothing short of amazing. Not only are they prompt with updates and workouts but they are true to what they teach. They are true examples of hard work and dedication."
- Ramie Hiss, Richfield, UT
"I was looking for coaches who really cared about what I needed and wanted. After finding these two that was accomplished. The communication is great! I never feel embarrassed or stupid for asking questions, and they always answer quickly. I love the progress I have made and can’t wait to see even better results in the future!"
- Melissa Terry, St George, UT
"I have been able to see my body, my mind and my confidence grow in ways I didn’t think possible. I have never felt more healthy or happy with how I look. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else on this journey. Jeff and Jenny are not just excellent coaches, they are awesome friends to have in your corner."
- Mary Power, Sandy, UT
"Working with the Later's is the best decision I could have made. They are so educated about what they do and have the ins and outs of course test prep, fitness, and nutrition down to a science. These people know their stuff, they've done it themselves, they know what works. They are fully invested in, and care about every single one of their clients and it shows. There are no better coaches out there."
- Marissa Lebaron, UT
"This program just works, simple as that. I struggled for years to lose any fat and I hated my body. The Fit Lifestyle plan taught me how to reverse that. I lost over 20lbs of body fat, built some muscle, and I love how I look and feel. Thank you so much!!!"
- Cindy Delmott, Moses Lake, WA
"I had my doubts about online training, but I jumped in and trusted Jeff from day 1 and it was the best decision I've ever made. I have completely transformed my body after many failed attempts on my own.  Trust them! They know what they're doing and they know how to make it easy!"
- Amy Ling, Denton, TX
Why "Diets" Fail...
Why do we all struggle to stick to a "diet"?  We've all tried and failed, but why?

Most diets are short-term and are designed in a such a way that require to be very restrictive, eating specific foods, that leave you feeling hungry and weak all the time...that doesn't won't stick to it. 

There are macro guides, diet plans, & nutrition tips all over the internet. Figuring out which one is right for you is mind-numbing! 

There is so much conflicting information out there and each ideal claims to be the best.

Some popular dieting methods paint you into a corner and restrict entire macronutrient categories. Some will have you only eat during a short window of time throughout the day. 

In essence, you're asked to doing something you simply could NOT do long-term.

There is no sense in putting your body through a roller coaster! Lose it and keep it off!

We have you fill out a detailed questionnaire when you apply for this program. A questionnaire that provides a lot of information about you and your preferences.  We can then design a perfect nutrition plan, using our vast experience and knowledge. No more guesswork!

As you progress and your body changes you diet also needs to change. We adapt very quickly, so we need to monitor and assess your progress on a weekly basis to assure constant progression.  

This is where we are really able to dial in your plan to complete perfection! It's a thing of beauty when you feel satisfied with your food, have plenty of energy, are getting stronger, and continually lose body fat!

This is the simple way, the smart way, the BEST way!
All-Inclusive Plan...
You need all the pieces to the puzzle to achieve ultimate success, so we include it all!

Nutrition Plan

We don't adhere to one specific nutrition method. We find out what works best for you and dial in a perfect formula! Plans can get super specific or we can make them flexible. 

Customized Weight Training

Metabolic power can be greatly increased through added lean tissue. Receive customized strength training routines that can be done at home or in the gym.

HIIT Cardio

Stay anabolic and keep your cardio ultra-efficient by performing high intensity interval training sessions. This is an incredible fat melting method to have in your toolbox.

Heart Rate Based LISS Cardio

Your coach will determine a proper heart rate designed to push you just enough. LISS cardio can be used strategically in your plan. Your coach will determine when it's appropriate.

Supplement Advice

You don't always need supplements, but we can guide you through this confusing world and show you what may help and benefit you.

Carb Cycling

This nutrition strategy is a great way to bust through plateaus and stubborn body fat.

Strategic "Refeeds" & Free Meals

Boost metabolism with strategically planned refeed meals, designed by your coach. Free meals for social outings and a break from the routine.

Weekly Check-ins

Check in with us every single week. As your body evolves your plan needs to evolve. We assess and review and make changes as needed. Help with motivation and overcoming challenges are a big part of it as well.

Facebook Group Support

Boost motivation and accountability with our awesome private Facebook group. Get exclusive access to this community of like-minded individuals.  

Exclusive Access To Your Coach

We are "on call" for you via text, email, and phone. Have questions quickly answered and leave no doubt for anything that arises. You don't have to wait for your check-in, you can contact us as much as you want.  


Every program is meticulously written from scratch specifically for you. Every last detail is accounted for

No Blueprints

You are unique and we believe in finding what works best for you. This means what is most efficient and what you can easily accomplish on a regular basis.
About L8R Lifestyle
We are Jeff & Jenny Later. We are parents to 3 beautiful daughters and reside in South Jordan, UT. We have been in the fitness and nutrition industry for over 15 years. This is our purpose and passion and we feel blessed to be able to do what we love for a living.

We have helped over 2,500 people transform their lives. We've worked with NFL athletes, division 1 athletes, IFBB pros, olympians, soccer moms, and everyone in between.

We firmly believe in daily healthy habits that translate into a sustainable long-term lifestyle. We fight to get rid of quick-fix or crash "diets" that litter the industry. We use a variety of nutrition methods, including: carb cycling, high carb, ketogenic diets, IIFYM, intermittent fasting, and others.

We truly care about you and consider you family. This is a very personal thing and having a support system and a solid plan is key. We are the best at what we do and we know it will work for you.
You Cannot Fail...
If you have ever struggled with follow through or ever quit because you were frustrated with your results or flat out confused about what to do, these customized plans are what you’ve been looking for.

We will handle everything for you and coach you along the way.  Our team is here to help you overcome and succeed! 
"Jeff and Jenny are some of the best. They truly do go above and beyond for their clients.  They customized everything from training, nutrition and proper supplementation to get you ready. They pay attention to every detail. I could not see myself working with any other coaches. Jeff and Jen truly live the lifestyle and help teach all of us the importance of health and nutrition with REAL FOODS to fuel our bodies and making foods fun and enjoyable. You CAN NOT go wrong with choosing Jeff and Jen! They will be in your corner rooting for you to succeed all the way. I am forever grateful to the Later’s."

Alesha Davis
The Fit Lifestyle Program In a Nutshell
Every program is tailor made. No blueprints, no cookie-cutter plans made here. Customization is absolutely vital to your success. Your metabolism, your body, your circumstances, and your preferences are unique to you. We determine what approach will work best for you and create a plan you can stick to long-term.
You are welcomed into the L8R family when you join this program.  You have exclusive access to your coach via text, email, and phone. You also have access to our private Facebook group where you can share your experiences and receive support from hundreds of others going through this process.  You will check in every single week, but you are not limited to that! You are encouraged to reach out whenever something comes up. We promise to get right back to you!
Adjust & Fine Tune
You and your coach partner up on this journey and through your feedback, results, and performance your coach can dial in your nutrition plan to optimize the best approach for you. It's a continuous process as we go due to the changing environment of your body as it goes through body composition change and adaptation.
Lifestyle & Education
This is not a temporary quick fix or "diet". We are here to help you learn to live this lifestyle long-term. We equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to live and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.
The Fit Lifestyle coaching program is 
the solution you have been looking for
Apply today to see if you qualify!