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Position: Enrollment Coach

I'm looking for a heart-centered coach, who has experience in conducting strategy sessions to enroll clients into the right-fit program, over the phone. This person must have a deep understanding of and testimony of L8R Lifestyle, and convey that devotion to potential new members.

If you view the enrollment conversation as a powerful conversation to help someone bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be, rather than a sales conversation, and you have a proven history of sales/enrollment success, you may be who I’m looking for!

This team member will provide valuable and transformational coaching sessions to fill our program with our ideal clients. This may be the perfect position for you if you are great at INSPIRING others to take immediate action to get the help they need.

Part of being a great enrollment coach is being able to communicate and coach someone through their challenges and inspire them to take action despite their fears or roadblocks. Is this you?

You need to have a deep desire to make a difference and impact peoples’ lives.

1) You need to be a great listener, fast learner and be willing to be on the phone, holding strategy sessions 15-20 hours a week, potentially more. YES…You can work from anywhere you like! But you must work hard because this position is performance-based. If you're NOT comfortable talking to people, flushing out objections and working fast pace to build and make a difference in the world, then this isn't for you.  

2) You must be a super high communicator, not only with clients, but with your teammates. We have an amazing team, and we intend to keep it that way. Show up and keep your commitments, communicate consistently and positively with your team at all times, as we continue to empower each other and serve our clients at the highest level.

3) You must desire to be with an organization long-term. We are looking for someone that can take a bare minimum of 15 strategy sessions a week, which is a minimum of 15 hours. The more hours you can put in, the faster you will grow and succeed. If you're looking to get some experience and go somewhere else, please don't apply. If you are only able to dedicate 5 hours a week, this isn’t the right match.

4) I want someone that has experience enrolling people on the phone in just one or two calls, if you have experience enrolling high-ticket programs, that's a plus.

5) You must agree with and live our company values:

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